Links for Students


  Time for Kids-This is a great site to catch up on the current news happening in the world around us. Kids will also learn about science & social studies!

  Seussville-Have a bundle of fun playing games and learning with Dr. Seuss books!

  PBS Kids-There a ton of links to shows that the kids already love…now they can play games associated with these shows.

National Geographic for Kids-This site is a great resource when finding information on animals, plants, and countries of the world. It is a great resource to see  beautiful pictures of many different plants & animals, etc.

  Magic School Bus-This is a site where students can learn a lot about science with Ms. Frizzle and the gang!

Wordle-This is a great site to make a collection of words about a topic, a person, a class, etc. It can become a work of art that you frame and put on your wall!

Junie B. Jones-

  Sumdog-This site is relatively new to me when practicing math skills. I am still trying to play with the settings to work for my kiddo’s needs, so we’ll see how it goes.

  Math Magician-This is a great site to help your student practice basic facts (+, -, x, /) in a timed setting. Each challenge gives the student a minute to complete the task. There are a few tasks that are 5 minutes long, but that is further along in the mixed sets. is a website that has a ton of practice available for all areas of math. It will only let you do 20 questions for free every day until it asks you to become a member…but still a great resource! is a great site for those students who still need work on letter names or letter sounds as well as beginning readers. It has great little decodable books that help get them through that stage and onto the next.– I am relatively new to this site and have not used it too much yet. It does have some great things in the areas of: math, reading, phonics, science, etc. There are a few flaws with some of the games…it seems they have trouble loading, but all in all the ones that work are good practice! (PreK-1/2nd grade material)

 You Are Your Words-

This is a great place to use a piece of writing about yourself and transform it into a portrait of you or something.


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