A New Beginning…

It’s already the start to another new year! I look forward to doing a lot of things differently with my teaching this year, and I am so excited! This year I return to teaching first grade with a new name and a new baby after finishing out the previous year with a maternity leave. I had my first child last spring, his name is Drew, and I couldn’t be happier! I have had a blast having the opportunity to spend the first 4 1/2 months of his life at home with him full-time! I am excited to be back to school, but I am saddened to be sending him off to daycare and not getting to be with him every moment! In any event, I look forward to making the most of my teaching in the time I have to be away from him, working with kiddos!

I’m super excited for the start of a new year…tOmoRrOw! Yikes!

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November 14, 2012–It’s Gone!

Today I have officially lost my voice again! I hate when this happens…this is the second time this year and November is not even over! Well, I guess it is time for a lot of tea and loading up on the Vitamin C…and NO TALKING ALLOWED! Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so I look forward to doing some celebrating with my students about what we are all thankful for! To name the first that comes to mind: I am thankful for my voice, when I have it! More to come on thankfulness with my kiddos!

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The Beginning…and Still Learning!

Hello first graders and parents! I look forward to having a spot where students can come to as a resource for learning! I want this to be a place where students can find photos from our classroom, photos from my life, links to learning websites for kids, ideas to make fun things at home, and just some plain fun places to go and play games! Sort of a hodge-podge of things to help us learn and have fun, young and old!

Ms. Spahn


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